Bo Cable

name I am absolutely passionate about the internet. It is the gateway to the whole world. It opens doors that previously could not be opened. It gives even the little guy a fighting chance…

I talk to people everyday who agree that the internet is powerful and that they would like to tap into it more - but that aren’t sure exactly how to do it. They may have tried multiple approaches with varying degrees of success - or are just getting started. That is where I come in…

I bring about a decade of internet marketing savvy to my clients, including experience as the director of digital media for a well known international publishing company. I help people make more money and create more influence on the web for a fraction of what they normally pay for someone with my experience. It is important to me that clients consider me an exceptional value; that way I always have a steady stream of new projects.

My areas of expertise Include: creating no-nonsense profitable web tactics, email marketing, website design, branding, SEO, product marketing, affiliate marketing & social networking. I specialize in helping small to mid-size companies leverage the internet and working for individual entrepreneurs with a dream.

While I do not know everything there is to know about the vast world of internet marketing - no one does no matter what they tell you - I am always researching, testing, and improving my techniques to deliver maximum value to clients. I also work collaboratively with a team of experts who add specialties in copyrighting, creative direction and corporate marketing.

Apostles in the Marketplace

08th November 2006
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God At Work

08th November 2006
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